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Ghetto Movies

Wassup! This is my Ghetto movie's section. I have these movies cause I like em and I'm guessin if you like Bone or Master P then you will probably like em also. Some movie's are Comedy and some are action, I'm trying to alot of movies with rappers and stuff like that. These movie's are going to be $7 cause first of their copies. Another thing is that I would sell these for only $5, but I also need the money to buy the balnk tapes to make these so I hope you understand. Peace!!!!

The Ghetto Movies

1. Friday

2. Don't Be A Menace(Shawn Wayans & Marlon Waysas)

3. Set it Off

4. Bullet

5. Gang Related

more coming soon!

So far there isn't much to choose from so I will be trying to get as many movies as I can for you all. If you have any suggestions on what movie other movies should be up here please email me and tell me what movie and I will try my best to get that for anyone who wants it up. Remember when you order to tell me the movie you want so I wont get anything mixed up. Peace!!!!

Wrestling Films

I'm also a big time wrestling fan and I got some wrestling videos for those of you who like wrestling. Some people might think it's stupid, but oh well eveyone has their own opinion. Theres only a couple, but I will have more soon. Well anyways the price for these is $10 cause they cost me $20.

1. Sable: Unleashed

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin: Unsencored

3. Undertaker: The Phenom

And again if you have any other movies or something please send em to me. I will buy em or trade em for any of these two videos.

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