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Bone first started out as the band-aid-boyz, the members where krayzie, bizzy(now layzie), and k-chill, in 1993 bizzy bone,krayzie bone, wish bone, and layzie bone got together and formed b.o.n.e enterpri$e, they had a album called faces of death, this was strictly an underground album that they didn't get paid for, then in 1994 they got one way bus tickets to L.A so they could sign with Eazy-E, they auditioned for Eazy-e on the phone but he never got back to them, then they heard that Eazy was doing a concert in Cle. and they hussled enough money to buy bus tickets back to Cle. and they got into the concert and bizzy and flesh snuck backstage, they talked to eazy and the next day they had one way bus tickets back to L.A, in 1994 they put out their first album Creepin on ah come up, the album went double platnum and is still sellin, then in 1995 they put out East 1999 eternal, this album blew up, it went 8 times platnum and is still sellin, later they remixed a song off that album the crossroad, it was called the crossroads dj uneeks remix, it tied the beatles records for fastest rising single, it was number 1 one the billboard for 7 weeks, in 1996 they got their own record label called mo thug records, then in 1997 they put out art of war, it went four times platnum, now they are all going solo and bizzy already put out his album and it went gold, krayzies next its called thug mentality, this is the year for bone thugs and harmony, so expect some phat shit from bone

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